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Behavioral Consultations

A well-behaved dog is a product of genetics, training, and a loving home. For the training part, pet owners often seek a dog trainer. However, most trainers do not know how to teach the pet owner why the behavior is happening and make specific recommendations on how to change it. They are not experts in behavior modification and may not know what techniques to employ to change undesirable behaviors. I  have effectively counseled pet owners and educated them on how to understand their pet’s behavior and how to change it for 30 years. 

Behavioral and training consultations are available to owners needing help with a specific problem. The goal of a behavioral consultation is to help you to better understand your dog’s behavior and to teach you how to modify your environment and interactions with your dog to minimize or eliminate behavioral problems.

A Behavioral Consultation is better for addressing specific behavior problems like phobias, separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive chewing and aggression. Personalized attention is more effective when tackling complicated issues.

Most consults take place in the owner's home. But, I do offer behavioral consultations and follow up training at the Shagbark location in Marysville. 

Below is an interesting interaction between Samoyed puppy and Border Terrier adult. Both are females.



Seven days. Seven black and white photos
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