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In Home Behavior Training  

Behavior training is a combined course in obedience training and behavioral management. You will learn how to train your dog to obey basic commands, use those commands in daily situations and solve common problems that occur in dogs and puppies.

In home behavior training is a great option for those who have busy schedules, want the entire family to participate, want the convenience of an in home service or would like to have a training program that can be tailored to their needs.  For those who require more flexibility or would like a shorter commitment of time, in home training may also be a better option for you and your dog. 

FUNdamental Dog Behavior Training is a combined course in obedience training and behavioral management. I specifically developed the FUNdamental course for dogs and puppies with the needs of pet owners in mind. It is based upon current knowledge of dog behavior, learning and motivation. 

In the behavior training course, you will learn how to properly train your dog or puppy to obey basic commands, like heel, sit, down, come, and stay. Additionally, you will learn how to use these commands in daily situations so that you gain better control over your dog. You’ll learn to teach your dog to be calmer and more manageable and to solve problems, like barking, aggression, jumping up, running off, destroying property and pulling, to name a few.

The methods taught in the FUNdamental behavior training course are designed to modify your dog's behavior using positive reinforcement. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog and how to motivate him to please you by tapping into his natural desires to play and obtain affection, praise and rewards. Above all, these training methods are FUN for you as well as your dog and more effective than those relying on correction or intimidation.  

You will receive a 90+ page manual to assist you in the course. The manual consists of three parts. The first part explains my philosophy and understanding of training dogs; the second part of the manual outlines how to teach the exercises along with photos. The third portion of the manual provides solutions to various behavior problems. 


                                          In home sessions include four lessons.  

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